Hidden Royalty

for such a time as this

Break Forth


A land swollen with hidden seed,
A land hungry, with unspoken need.
They yearn to cry out,
But it is caught in their throats.
They desire to shout,
But have said that they don’t.

Oh God, hear a cry
Of a nation in pain,
So much shame held inside
That is keeping them lame.

Muted and silent,
Or so they have believed.
But a cry is growing
That must be relieved.

I see an earthquake
That is coming to shake
Every heart and mind
From this lying snake.

As a tongue is released by
The first obedient sounds,
Let the groaning break forth—
Let the seeds break through the ground.

The fields have been planted,
And the Lord sends the rain.
The heavens are being released,
And is washing the stains.

Daughters and sons,
It is time to untie.
Your chains are released;
You have been waiting to fly.

Righteousness spring forth.
The ground is not dead.
Sing out for joy
For Jesus is your head.

O Germany, arise.
O Germany, you will shine.
O Germany you shall release
What has been growing inside.


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Hello world!

My dear fellow travelers in this adventure called life,

I am excited to embark on a new leg in my journey as a writer, an encourager, a friend.  I am challenged by the thoughts, dreams, and ideas swirling around inside of me. I want to be vulnerable with these little seeds, to be faithful to give them shape and thrust them outside of me so that perhaps they might be carried to a place in which they can bear fruit and produce life. In essence, this is basically a blog but I want to give it purpose. Yes, I may ramble, and I do often delight in random things that I like to share about, but I hope that anyone visiting these pages will catch glimpses of hope, meaning, life, and love.

I am creating this new site as a personal challenge to write more often, communicate better, and to give my readers a clearer  and better organized layout to follow. You are welcome to visit my former blog here and read some of my older posts. I will go through and copy a few of the posts onto this new blog.

So, I invite you to join me. Let’s launch out and see where this current takes us.

Your fellow hidden royalty,

Hannah B.

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