Hidden Royalty

for such a time as this


meMy dear fellow travelers in this adventure called life,

I am excited to embark on a new leg in my journey as a writer, an encourager, a friend.  I am challenged by the thoughts, dreams, and ideas swirling around inside of me. I want to be vulnerable with these little seeds, to be faithful to give them shape and thrust them outside of me so that perhaps they might be carried to a place in which they can bear fruit and produce life. In essence, this is basically a blog but I want to give it purpose. Yes, I may ramble, and I do often delight in random things that I like to share about, but I hope that anyone visiting these pages will catch glimpses of hope, meaning, life, and love.

I am creating this new site as a personal challenge to write more often, communicate better, and to give my readers a clearer  and better organized layout to follow. You are welcome to visit my former blog here and read some of my older posts. I will go through and copy a few of the posts onto this new blog.

So, I invite you to join me. Let’s launch out and see where this current takes us.

Your fellow hidden royalty,

Hannah B.


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