Hidden Royalty

for such a time as this


Below you will find links to a few articles that I have written for Gateways Beyond International. You can find all of our articles and read more from other writers here.


holding handsWhat has begun as a very personal work in my life has deepened into a cry for breakthrough for my generation. I believe that God desires to do something completely radical that goes against our cultural and empirical instincts, a drastic stance that will unlock our destiny. This something is called trust.

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sea saltGod has been showing me the incredible simplicity of our call to be salt and light as we go. Sometimes we struggle to identify ourselves through our vision statements and role-play, but what we do is meant to flow out of who we are. The Lord has provided a place of influence for us, each a distinct field in which to plow, plant, water, and reap. But as we are faithful to cultivate these fields, we mustn’t  neglect the seemingly bystanders we pass along the way.

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pumpkin patchAutumn has arrived and schedules have changed. Children have moved up into a new class; college students are wondering how their work load has piled up so fast; and life continues on without break for most people. But however congested the day planner becomes, Creation continues in the rhythmic cycle established by the One who stands outside of time.

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