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Exciting Outreach in Berlin

Artwork by Livia Tiersch. Handmade welcome card she gave me.

Artwork by Livia Tiersch. Handmade welcome card she gave me.

Our team from Herrnhut spent four days ministering in Berlin with dear friends and two special congregations. They had invited us out of a hunger for deeper understanding of God’s heart for the Jewish people and the role of both Israel and the Church. These days were so rich in fellowship, worship, and teaching. We were so blessed by their hospitality and so grateful for the new friendships that we made.

We also joined with our new friends in outreach to the homeless and ministry on the streets. I was overjoyed as a local Berlin Believer and I were able to lead a woman to faith during one outreach and see others touched by His love and truth. We also met two Turkish women who didn’t speak English or German. I only know a few phrases in Turkish, but I was able to sing two worship songs that I learned in Turkish, and the women’s eyes lit up as they communicated to us that they also believed in Isa (Jesus)! They were so blessed and we were able to pray healing and encouragement over them.

The Turkish ladies we met, and my new friend Anja from Berlin.

The Turkish ladies we met, and my new friend Anja from Berlin.

“Steh Auf! Nie wieder Judenhass!” Stand up! Never again Anti-Semitism/hatred of the Jews!

God always has more on offer than we realize. It was not until after our trip was planned that we learned that the last day fell on the same day as a massive demonstration rally at the Brandenburg Gate calling Germans to stand up against anti-Semitism.

For years, the Lord has been showing us the calling on Germany to rise up in blessing Israel, to be a leader for righteousness and God’s purposes on the earth. We have seen many believers and congregations carry this growing revelation in their hearts, and we felt the historical impact on this day as both the governmental and spiritual leaders of the nation spoke out with one voice.

Among the speakers and representatives were the heads of the Catholic and Evangelical churches in Germany, the president of the World Jewish Council, and governmental leaders including the Federal President and German Chacellor Angela Merkel. We stood in the midst of thousands listening to such statements as, “Anti-Semitism is more than prejudice; it is a sin against the Holy Spirit.” “The Jews in Germany are a national treasure.” And “A single act of violence against a Jew is an act against us all.”

We know that there is power in words and in authority, and when we heard the leaders of this nation speak out with boldness and clarity, we knew that Heaven was listening and a blessing was released over Germany in that moment.

Two Israeli women had just flown into Germany for the first time and suddenly found themselves in the midst of Israeli flags and banners of support. After months of running to shelters, they arrived in Germany to find thousands of friends who were standing by their side. They heard our team translating into English and pressed in close so they could hear what was going on. Afterwards, many were able to bless and encourage them. They were amazed and deeply touched. God is above and beyond good.

My view during the rally in Berlin

My view during the rally in Berlin


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Break Forth


A land swollen with hidden seed,
A land hungry, with unspoken need.
They yearn to cry out,
But it is caught in their throats.
They desire to shout,
But have said that they don’t.

Oh God, hear a cry
Of a nation in pain,
So much shame held inside
That is keeping them lame.

Muted and silent,
Or so they have believed.
But a cry is growing
That must be relieved.

I see an earthquake
That is coming to shake
Every heart and mind
From this lying snake.

As a tongue is released by
The first obedient sounds,
Let the groaning break forth—
Let the seeds break through the ground.

The fields have been planted,
And the Lord sends the rain.
The heavens are being released,
And is washing the stains.

Daughters and sons,
It is time to untie.
Your chains are released;
You have been waiting to fly.

Righteousness spring forth.
The ground is not dead.
Sing out for joy
For Jesus is your head.

O Germany, arise.
O Germany, you will shine.
O Germany you shall release
What has been growing inside.

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